About the Core Team

NM Makers United was quickly created March 22, 2020 to answer New Mexico's PPE shortage. The initiative was started by Andrew Woodard of Process Art Studios and Kristin Browning-Mezel of Mezel Mods. The interconnected world of 3D printing brought these two companies together to make a difference during the COVID-19 crisis.

Process Art Studio in Madrid, NM showcases the work of Andrew and Shiree Woodard, and is also a 3D printing/scanning/consultation firm. The couple got involved in the project out of a profound feeling that, while their business has been forced to close, their passion for 3D printing and helping others is alive and well. 

Mezel Mods is a pinball company specializing in the manufacture of pinball accessories using 3D printing. A family owned business, Kristin saw an opportunity to leverage their fleet of 3D printers to solve a critical issue in the community. By bringing the engineering genius and manufacturing capacity of her toy factory employees to the project, she hopes others will be inspired to join the initiative.